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Hello, and welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our periodic examination of life in the MBA applicant and student trenches. This past week, our featured contributors have made the most of their summer down time; realized the magnitude of attending a top-ranked MBA program; and prepared to wrap up their internships.

Enjoying summer “funemployment”Cheetarah knows much academic prep awaits once she returns to the States, but until then she has savored every moment of her 12-day European vacation. As she struggles with watching her bank account dwindle and no relief in sight until loan disbursements begin in September, she offers this helpful nugget to current applicants: “Get on a savings plan now.  The spending doesn’t end with the tuition deposit.”

Investment banking, not a walk in the park—Though few people imagine a career in investment banking is easy-breezy,  Ellipser (Cornell ’13) has come to appreciate just how hard his b-school friends are working as they slog away for endless hours at their internships.  Whereas in early summer Ellipser would try to get together with said friends, he now sends “I miss you” texts to these classmates.

Endings and beginnings—With just a couple of weeks left to her summer internship,  Julianne (Tepper ’13) has enjoyed the break from academia as well as the temporary monetary infusion. After submitting her resume as part  of the graduating students resume book–which is distributed to interested companies before school even starts–Julianne notes that the time will soon come when she has to put on a suit and brush up on her STAR interview stories.

Elite MBA paves the wayThe Senator came away with some eye-opening realizations after attending the Early Insights pre-MBA program offered by Morgan Stanley. Having what he calls “non-pedigree professional credentials” has actually been a plus rather than a hindrance, and the mere fact that he’s about to begin his MBA at one of the world’s best programs means the door to a brilliant future has already been opened. It’s now up to him to walk through it.

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