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Buzz Badge-1Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our periodic check-in with some of the MBA blogosphere’s applicant and student contributors. In this post, Buzz bloggers describe the madness that is the start of b-school, muse on interview strategies, offer advice for future consultants, and ponder the timing of revealing one’s MBA aspirations.

 Time for interview prep—With roughly half of his six target program applications complete, Domotron was in a celebratory, almost relaxed, mood after hitting the submit button for Wharton School earlier this week. A Harvard interview invite is still an uncertainty for the next few weeks, so he plans to focus instead on prepping for his applicant-initiated interview at Tuck.

First-year transitions, aka insanity—After an extended absence from the MBA blogosphere, we’re thrilled to hear from Sassafras and get caught up in his experiences and adventures during the first month at Yale SOM. Between the whirlwind that is orientation, to the hardcore academic classes, to the cornucopia of club offerings available, it sounds like he’s set to make the most of this amazing experience.

Transitioning into consulting—Now that’s he’s got two applications submitted, Pandey has taken a break to share his thoughts on another topic: how to transition into consulting after the MBA, and what to avoid. Using two fictional protagonists to illustrate his points, Pandey offers three takeaways to help future MBAs have a smoother transition into this industry.

Thoughts on the Stanford webinarSanket participated in the recent Stanford GSB webinar and was happy to have received a personal response to his questions about Stanford’s approach to leadership and what makes it unique. While much of the information provided wasn’t new, he did appreciate hearing it from “the horse’s mouth” and came away with a good feeling from the experience.

Is it time to tell?—A relative newcomer to the MBA blogging community, ExpectingMBAMILF offers a different perspective on the MBA journey. This 29-year-old French applicant is soon to be a mother of two, and encourages other mothers to take a chance on pursuing an MBA. This post describes her quandary over letting extended family know of her international b-school dreams.

Which schools and why—This week, we’re highlighting another new blogger with a unique profile: MBA My Way. Coming from the non-profit sector and interested in using the skills acquired in b-school in the area of animal welfare, she posts here about the seven schools she plans to apply to and why each makes sense with her goals.

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