Stacy Blackman’s Year in Review


My goal with this blog has always been to bring b-school applicants the latest news from the schools, insightful application and essay tips, and to explore major trends affecting the future of management education. Here, in one place for your reading pleasure, are some of the top stories we’ve covered in 2013.

What to Consider When Choosing an MBA Program

6 Ways to Play the MBA Waiting Game

Get MBA Application Advice From the Trenches

3 Ways to Stand Out in a Competitive B-School Applicant Pool

How to Cope With B-School Rejections

Ask Yourself 4 Questions Before Applying to B-School

A Recipe for Career Goals that Admissions Officers Will Eat Up

Evaluate in Which Round to Submit Your B-School Application

4 Tips for MBA Applicants From a Finance Background

Look Beyond the Top Business Schools for Your MBA

Know Your Buyer to Sell Yourself in MBA Admissions

Fewer MBAs Heading to Wall Street

Thank you so much for making the Stacy Blackman Blog a top destination for your b-school research.Wishing all of you success, health, joy and continued growth and learning in 2014!



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