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B-Schooled Podcast Episode #68: How to Think Like the AdCom

Let’s face it: it’s really hard to be objective about your own MBA candidacy. The tough reality is that simply having high test scores, a stellar GPA, and/or coming from a respected company or …

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Advice for Applicants from Over-Represented Buckets

If there’s one overarching trend we’ve seen in our two decades of admission consulting, it’s the move toward greater diversity at the top MBA programs. For example, applicants from consulting and banking used to dominate …

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B-Schooled Episode #3: Don’t Be Joe or Jane MBA

In this episode of SBC’s new podcast B-Schooled, we discuss the risks of trying to be a “Joe or Jane MBA” — the stereotypical business school candidate. You’ll come to understand why trying to mimic …

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