Waitlist Guidelines from UCLA Anderson

MBA waitlistAll MBA applicants are anxious to learn whether or not they’ve been admitted to their dream schools. For some prospective MBAs, however, those decision dates come and go… and they’re still in limbo. They’ve been waitlisted.

While this isn’t ideal, MBA applicants should celebrate the fact that their candidacy is strong enough to merit further consideration by the admissions committee. It’s a great sign that you are qualified to attend the program, and that the school is interested in your profile.

Each school has its own policy when it comes to wait list etiquette, and the admissions team at the UCLA Anderson School of Management has shared its protocol and suggestions for Round 1 candidates who now find themselves placed on the waiting list.

  • If your application status indicates you have been placed on our waitlist, your name will remain on the waitlist until a final decision is made on your application or until you request your application be withdrawn.
  • Waitlisted candidates (excluding those who withdraw) will be reconsidered for admission in subsequent rounds.
  • Round 1 applicants will receive an update on their application status by the Round 2 decision deadline of March 29, 2017. Some candidates may be offered the option of remaining on the waitlist for consideration in Round 3.
  • Remaining Round 1 and Round 2 waitlist candidates will receive an update on their application status by the Round 3 decision deadline of May 24, 2017.
  • Anderson cannot give individual feedback to waitlisted applicants.
  • Chances of being admitted off the waitlist are difficult to predict since the number of students admitted from the waitlist varies from year to year depending on the size/strength of the admit pool, number of admits who enroll, and other factors.

Unlike other MBA programs, UCLA Anderson does allow applicants to submit additional materials if there’s been a significant change that bolsters your candidacy, so be judicious when deciding what to send.

“We ask that you use your personal judgment and discretion in submitting additional information that is relevant to your application. Some examples include (but are not limited to): updated GMAT/GRE/TOEFL scores, promotions at work, and recent extracurricular accomplishments,” the adcom notes.

Exercise restraint in communications, but also convey your enthusiasm whenever possible, as they want to be sure you’ll say yes if admitted.

Finally, to all those waitlisted candidates out there, take heart. It’s not the news you wanted, but there are plenty of reasons to keep hope alive. You wouldn’t be on the wait list if you were not someone they thought could be a great addition to the class. Hang on and stay strong—and positive—as you wait out this last leg of the MBA admissions process.

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