Wharton MBA Program Updates R1 Decisions Process

The MBA Admissions Blog at Wharton School posted this update yesterday aimed at those who submitted applications for the October 4, 2010 Round 1 deadline.

If your online account reads “Complete-Round 1”, all your application materials have been received and processed by the Operations Team and forwarded on to the Committee for review. If you online account reads “Received”, then your materials and application are still being processed.

Assuming all materials are received prior to the Round 1 deadline, your online account will reflect “Complete-Round 1” within the next few weeks. Due to the volume of applications being processed, the school requests no phone calls regarding the completion of your application until October 14th.

Interview Invitations

There is no particular order in which interview invitations are released. Release dates depend upon multiple factors, including Wharton’s recruiting schedule. Instructions on how to arrange an interview are provided at the time of invitation. Options include on-campus, hub or alumni locations. All interviews carry equal weight.

*all applicants will receive an invitation to interview or a deny without an interview decision by this date.

Round 1: Friday October 29th

Round 1: Friday November 5th*

Final Decision Release Date

Round 1: Friday December 17th

All decisions (interview invitations, mid and final release) will be posted online and may be checked via the apply/check status link on the home page of the Wharton MBA website.

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