Wharton MBA Round 1 Mid-Release Decisions Have Been Posted

As the Wharton Blog announced today, Wharton MBA Round 1 Mid-Release Decisions have been posted: Round 1 applicants are advised to check their application status through their online application accounts. Each applicant will receive one of two decisions: an invitation to interview or deny without an interview.

Be sure to check the blog for interview tips which include:

*Interviews are blind, meaning that the interviewer will not have seen your application.

*Interviews may include behavioral questions, asking for details and examples of past events in your life to see how you’ve responded (with the assumption that past performance predicts future behavior)

*No advance preparation is required. Questions include topics such as why you seek an MBA, why you feel you are a good fit for Wharton (vice versa), what your career goals are, how you spend your spare time, what you value, about what you are passionate, etc.

*All interviews carry equal weight (no advantage to interviewing on-campus or with an admissions staff member)

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