The Case for Deferred Admission at Chicago Booth

deferred admissionRegular blog readers have noticed the growing number of elite business schools targeting college seniors. Returning to the subject, the Chicago Booth School of Business recently shared what it calls the top five advantages for undergrads considering a deferred admission program. Whether you’re targeting the Chicago Booth Scholars program or one offered at another top business school, their reasoning is universal.

Reason 1: It reduces stress later on down the line.

It’s much easier to study for the GMAT or GRE and craft those compelling essays while you’re still fresh and in student mode. If you can get the stress of the MBA application process out of the way early on, “You can focus on getting the most out of your professional and personal experiences post-college,” says the Booth admissions team.

Reason 2: You decide when you’re ready to earn your MBA.

We often field questions from potential applicants wondering whether now is the right time for their MBA. Chicago Booth notes that having up to four years to explore professional roles and experiences provides flexibility in your professional timeline. When you’re ready, Booth welcomes you back into whichever program best complements your goals. (Choose from either the full-time, evening or weekend format.)

Reason 3: You can grow your professional network right away. 

Similar to other deferred admission programs, once accepted, you’ll have immediate access to the 54,000+ people in the Booth network. As the Booth admissions team explains, admits have access to regular networking events throughout the year. Here, you’ll meet and network with other Booth Scholars, as well as current students and alumni.

Reason 4: You’ll have access to career services and professional development opportunities.

Finding that first job after graduation can be stressful. “Booth Scholars receive quarterly professional development opportunities, both virtual and in-person,” says the Booth admissions team. Also, deferred admission scholars play a role in influencing what professional development sessions Booth offers. “You have the ability to let us know what you’d like help with as you grow in your professional roles,” they add.

Reason 5: You’ll have the freedom to explore your career options. 

Many b-school hopefuls—especially younger applicants—struggle with the question of addressing their career goals. They know they want an MBA, but they haven’t yet clearly defined what their goals are. For deferred admission candidates, that’s totally okay! You can use those pre-MBA years to forge your own career path. “In other words,” the Booth adcomm explains, “your path doesn’t have to be set in stone when you apply.”

(In addition to these five compelling reasons to consider a deferred admission program, note that Chicago Booth also waives the application fee for Booth Scholars applicants.)


Interested in learning more about deferred admission programs for college seniors? Most deadlines hit in early April. We are happy to offer a free initial evaluation to discuss your future business school plans. Get in touch and tap into the comprehensive, up-to-date industry insight the SBC consulting team provides.

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