Babson Launches Entrepreneur Experience Lab

Babson College and the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) have partnered to create an Entrepreneur Experience Laboratory that establishes a real-world setting to design, develop and test new entrepreneurship support solutions and systems, the school announced last week.

With the Entrepreneur Experience Lab’s launch, Babson and BIF seek, among other things, to:

  • Understand the human and environmental factors most relevant to entrepreneur success and the effectiveness of current development programs and policies.
  • Provide an active environment to gather data and experiential insights that inform pedagogical practice and a platform to design and test new approaches to teaching entrepreneurship.
  • Lay the foundation for creating a real world laboratory for systemic experimentation, where programs and services can be developed and tested within an integrated, real world environment.
  • Allow Babson students and faculty to directly participate in an ongoing program focused on R&D for new entrepreneurship development practices, programs and services.

Babson President Len Schlesinger says, “Work in the Lab will yield new insights to guide the next generation of entrepreneurial programs and policies, and give an authentic voice to entrepreneurs who drive new venture creation nationally and globally. We are thrilled to have BIF as our partner in this important endeavor.”

BIF founder and Chief Catalyst Saul Kaplan calls the current entrepreneurship support system well-intended but insufficient to stimulate entrepreneurial activity at the scale and scope needed to revive the global economy. “The system needs more than a tweak””it needs a transformation,” he says.

“In most cases, the voice of the entrepreneur is all but absent from discussions about how to better support new venture creation and there is little ongoing experimentation to facilitate the design and development of new approaches. With the launch of the Entrepreneurship Experience Lab, Babson and BIF have the opportunity to leverage our unique strengths to change this dynamic.”

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