Getting Schooled at Sloan…for Free!

If you’ve got some down time this holiday season and want to brush up on the latest research and materials from a top MBA program, browse the Sloan School of Management offerings via MIT OpenCourseWare(OCW). This web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content allows anyone with an Internet connection to empower their minds with free lecture notes, exams and videos.

Earlier this month, the university announced that, through OCW, more than 50 million visitors worldwide have accessed MIT course materials. What began as a bold idea in 2002 has become a global movement that is reshaping the role of the university in the digital age. Some of the latest OCW courses added by Sloan–which features more than 100–include Global Strategy and Organization, Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Generating Business Value from Information Technology.

Visitors use the site in a wide variety of ways to support formal and informal learning. For some, OCW is a tool to motivate students and gives them access to a wider knowledge base and deeper understanding of the subject. Others laud the way OCW helps self-learners explore new subjects and understand them in an organized way.

“To most people outside, MIT was like the forbidden city. They had no idea what happened inside,” says MIT professor Walter Lewin. “And with OCW, the bridge was lowered. They now see MIT in a completely different way.”

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