INSEAD’s Alternative Admissions Exam

For applicants contemplating an executive MBA from INSEAD, know that the school introduced its own specially designed EMBA admissions test in February of this year that seems to be garnering a very positive response from test-takers.

If you’re still wondering whether to do the GMAT or the INSEAD test, take a look at these points of comparison INSEAD has shared with us, which may inform your decision.

INSEAD EMBA Admissions Test GMAT
Designed for senior level, busy, international applicants Designed for 20-something MBA applicants
Used only for INSEAD EMBA programmes – Global ExecutiveMBA (GEMBA) and Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA) Can be used for applications to other leading EMBA programmes
Preparation required: none, this is a test of raw talent.  But practice tests are available Preparation required: most people start preparing and practising 3 to 6 months before the taking the test; 3rd party preparation available around the world
Content: data analysis, data interpretation, communication analysis, critical thinking, plus business-scenario presentation (no non-applied mathematics or English grammar) Content: verbal, mathematical and integrated reasoning, plus analytical writing skills (includes some rule-based mathematics and English grammar correction)
INSEAD Interview:  Jury Panel which occurs on the same day as the test INSEAD Interview:  Alumnus in your home country, subject to availability
Timing: after applying to INSEAD, having passed a first pre-screening round Timing: before applying to INSEAD
Venue:  Any of the three INSEAD campuses (Fontainebleau, France; Singapore; Abu Dhabi, UAE).  Can be combined with a campus tour ”“ a good opportunity to get a feel for the school culture! Venue: Delivered in a GMAT testing center;  550 in more than 110 countries
 Frequency: approximately once a month Frequency: regularly offered
 Retakes: Not Applicable. One shot only Retakes: test can be repeated after 31 days have elapsed and can be taken up to 5 times in a 12-month period
 Cost: €185 Cost: €200 plus preparation costs, if needed


The final decision is yours, and INSEAD assures applicants that your choice won’t affect how the school views your candidacy. Keep in mind that testing is ultimately to your benefit, as it guarantees all of your classmates will have strong analytical and linguistic abilities.

To learn more about INSEAD’s alternative admissions exam, take at look at these FAQs, which offer insight on preparing for the test and lay out the five components that make up the test.

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