New Podcast the Kickback Series Explores the Black Experience at MIT Sloan

kickback series

Over the course of Black History Month, the Black Business Student Association (BBSA) at MIT Sloan School of Management released a new podcast called The Kickback Series. The goal of MIT Sloan’s BBSA is to build a community that supports Black students in their personal and professional goals. It also promotes business issues related to the Black community.

Over each of its four episodes, the Kickback Series focuses on the experiences of a current Sloan student and one alum. For instance:

Episode 1: Journey to the MBA, details the MBA application process of Nawakaego Uzoh (MBA ’23). You’ll also learn what factors led to her interest in MIT Sloan.

Episode 2: Matriculating at Sloan, follows Elorm Gbordzoe’s (MBA ’23) journey from acceptance to matriculation.

Episode 3: Finding Your Community, explores how Nagela Nukuna (MBA ’22) has managed to build community in her different life stages, as well as the challenges she has overcome.

Episode 4: Life After Sloan, features Josh Reed-Diawuoh (MBA ’20), as he discusses his time as a Legatum Fellow at Sloan, as well as his transition to the “real” world after graduating.

If you’re a Black MBA aspirant who is interested in hearing firsthand about life at MIT Sloan from current and former students, don’t miss this unique podcast.

Image credit: MIT Sloan School of Management Black Business Student Association

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