LBS is Businessweek’s Top-Ranked International Business School

lbs_campus-wiki-commonsA few weeks ago, Bloomberg Businessweek crowned Harvard Business School as the best MBA program in the United States. This week, Bloomberg has released its 2016 ranking of the best international business schools based on data compiled from more than 1,000 recruiters, 15,000 alumni, and 9,000 recent graduates.

Out of 31 International MBA programs, London Business School ranks first, INSEAD is number two and Oxford’s Saïd Business School is number three. The 2015 #1-ranked program, Western-Ivey Business School, fell to tenth place this year.

This year, the United Kingdom—well known for having one of the world’s most desirable MBA markets—dominated the ranking: in addition to LBS grabbing the No. 1 spot, Cambridge and Oxford both ranked in the top five.

Top Ten Best International MBA Programs

  1. London Business School
  3. Oxford’s Said Business School
  4. Cambridge Judge Business School
  5. IESE Business School
  6. IE Business School
  7. IMD
  8. SDA Bocconi
  9. Melbourne Business School
  10. Western Ivey Business School

So what sets apart an international MBA? Student body diversity is one. European business schools, for example, boast a roughly 80 percent non-national ratio, compared to 30 percent at their U.S. counterparts. Whether these programs include class trips to work in emerging economies or offer a cohort with students from numerous different countries, they compete on equal footing with the best North American schools.

Ultimately, you have to choose a program you genuinely connect with. Evaluate qualities like the school fit, culture, location, class size and teaching methodology. Don’t worry about whether you’ll get into “the best MBA program of all.” Just figure out which business school is the best one for you.

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