More Curricula Going Green

Universities and business schools are beginning to broaden traditional curricula in response to the world’s attempts to move away from fossil fuels and embrace alternative energy sources, the Financial Times has recently reported.

While the US has been moving toward renewables-based business plans for several years, Praveen Kumar, executive director of the Global Energy Management Institute at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business, says there is a time lag in higher education. “You want to make sure you have a framework you can give to the students.’’

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania StateUniversity prepares students  for this industry through courses in its environmental and renewable resource economics department, and Stanford University’sglobal climate and energy project works to find solutions to how to supply energy to meet the needs of a growing world population while protecting the environment.

John Butler, academic director in the Energy Management and Innovation Center in the McCombs School of Business tells FT that getting a new course offered is very hard. For that reason, the university offers practicums as a way to get around the formality of creating a new course. These project-based courses change topics from year to year and are a good way to get into alternatives.

“It’s going to be hard to talk about running a business without talking about energy in general and sustainability specifically,’’ Butler adds.

For more on schools’ greener vision for the future, read the original FT article here.

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