Things to Know Before Heading to LBS

Earlier this week on Inside the London MBA, a blog with news and views from the London Business School MBA community, Steve posted some things it would have been good to know as he comes up on the end of year one at LBS. In the hopes that this information may also prove useful to some of our readers, here is his list, in no apparent order:

  1. Nobody knows each other’s grades and people are not interested
  2. Almost everybody lives right next to school
  3. You will spend a large percentage of your cash in the Windsor Pub
  4. People will not leave NW1 that often
  5. The football team is a good way to learn Spanish as it has so many Latin Americans
  6. There are so many clubs to join you can really only have any meaningful impact in a couple
  7. You really do have to sit in the same seat every class
  8. They really do give you free beer and wine every Thursday night
  9. Some of the speakers on campus are amazing
  10. Inter-business school competitions are as brilliant as they are unpublicized; definitely enter them
  11. Most faculty and lots of students have studied in the USA so despite being in London, examples in class will all be US-cetric and you will start referring to the Easter Holidays as Spring Break
  12. Although you won’t have that many hours of class, you will always feel pretty busy
  13. It’s hard, but not impossible, to fail classes
  14. You should take every waiver available to you
  15. It’s impossible for there to be a consensus; some people will love a particular class/professor, while others will hate them – Diversity!
  16. If applying for an HSBC loan, bring every piece of ID you have ever had with you, in triplicate

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