B-Schooled Podcast Episode #187: Dealing with MBA Application Stress and Anxiety

Having worked with MBA applicants for almost 20 years, B-Schooled co-host Chandler has seen levels of stress and anxiety associated with the MBA application journey rise steadily over the years. If you are struggling with stress and anxiety connected with your MBA applications, you’ve come to the right place.

In this episode, we’ve pulled together a range of tools from previous podcasts along with new content so that you have an array of resources at your fingertips if and when stress and anxiety strike.

But first—and this is important—we want to say that feeling stress and anxiety regarding MBA applications is to be expected and are common to many applicants… definitely much more common than your peers and fellow applicants might be letting on.

In this episode, Chandler will share:

1. Suggestions for what to do when you are feeling stuck about one or more elements of your application,
2. Tips for how to deal with frequent application concerns that can create stress,
3. Recommendations about dealing with self-doubt (and how sometimes doubt can be a good thing),
4. Comments about the power of remembering all you have already accomplished, and
5. Specific suggestions about what to do IN THE MOMENT if application stress and anxiety strike.

This episode is a very hopeful conversation about dealing with MBA application stress and anxiety. Ultimately, this is a dialogue about how to reframe these feelings as optimistic and use them as fuel to propel your application forward.

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