SBC’s Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts

Top Ten Blog Posts

Wondering which blog posts this year’s crop of MBA applicants visits the most on the Stacy Blackman Consulting site? We were, too! Thanks to modern technology—AKA Google analytics—you now have the news you need right at your fingertips. Without further ado… SBC’s ten most-visited blog posts of late.

Harvard & Stanford MBA: Dual Admit Success Lessons 

Have you heard of the term “dual admits”? That’s what we call those singular applicants who receive admissions offers from both Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business. SBC reviews its admit pool each season to identify key trends and lessons.

Harvard Business School Acceptance Rate, Deconstructed

The Harvard Business School acceptance rate is the second-lowest of all MBA programs worldwide. It’s eclipsed only by Stanford GSB, in part because the GSB has a much smaller class size.

To help demystify the Harvard Business School acceptance rate drivers, we decided to evaluate SBC client data from the 2019-2020 season.

Stanford MBA Acceptance Rate, Deconstructed

Stanford’s Graduate School of Business is the most competitive MBA program in the world. Just how hard is it to get into the GSB? Well, the Stanford MBA acceptance rate typically hovers between 6%-7%.

To help demystify the Stanford MBA acceptance rate drivers, we decided to evaluate SBC client data from recent seasons. Here’s what we discovered.

Career Trends

Investment Banking MBA Career Path

Many professionals with their eyes on an investment banking MBA career path know that a degree from an elite business school can help them achieve that goal. Because the investment banking MBA career path is so popular, we’re sharing a Q&A with SBC consultant Puja, whose professional trajectory followed a similar route.

Top Ten Blog Posts

MBB Consulting: Salaries, Trends, Myths & the MBA

The management consulting career path is considered integral to the early career and/or the professional aspirations of countless MBA applicants that our team has advised over the last two decades. We’re taking a 360-degree view of the management consulting career path. Experts from the SBC team and Davis Nguyen, CEO of My Consulting Offer, weigh in.

Targeted Application Component Advice

Write a Winning MBA Personal Statement

The majority of candidates who apply to the leading business schools are bright, personable overachievers. Honestly, they would be an asset to any program. That’s why when it comes to the MBA personal statement, you need to think beyond your obvious achievements.

Diversity Essay for the MBA: Tips + Samples

It’s no secret diversity, equity, and inclusion are incredibly important in MBA admissions. Business schools value broad representation in the admitted student class to enrich the program’s experience for all. For this reason, many schools have a diversity essay within the application.

Interview Intel

HBS Interview Prep: Format, Criteria + Sample Questions

The SBC team has several Harvard Business School admissions experts, including former HBS Admissions Officers who also hold HBS degrees. In other words, their expertise is deep. SBC consultant and former HBS Admissions Officer Andrea has exclusive insider advice about preparing for the HBS interview.

Stanford GSB Interview Prep: Format, Criteria + Sample Questions

We asked, “What does Stanford GSB Admissions look for?” of the former Stanford GSB Admissions Officers (AdCom) on the Stacy Blackman Consulting team. Here’s the consensus: Stanford GSB seeks talented, diverse, and smart people who will make a significant impact in business and society.

Finally, the Eternal Question:

How to Get Into Harvard Business School

“How can I get into Harvard Business School?”  That’s the first question that the majority of our prospective clients ask. Our SBC consultants have guided more HBS admits than any other program, in large part because the demand for the Harvard MBA is so high in our client pool.

We have several former HBS Admissions Officers on our SBC consulting team, so we decided to gather HBS admit data across our client pool to define themes and strategies that can help future MBA applicants.


We hope this roundup of blog posts serves as a helpful jumping-off point as you begin to prepare for your MBA application journey in 2022 and beyond. Good luck!

Image credit: Eric at Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

SBC’s star-studded consultant team is unparalleled. Our clients benefit from current intelligence that we receive from the former MBA Admissions Officers from Harvard HBS, Stanford GSB and every elite business program in the US and Europe.  These MBA Admissions Officers have chosen to work exclusively with SBC.

Just two of the many superstars on the SBC team:
Meet Erin, who was Assistant Director of MBA Admissions at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) and Director of MBA Admissions at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Meet Andrea, who served as the Associate Director of MBA Admissions at Harvard Business School (HBS) for over five years.

Tap into this inside knowledge for your MBA applications by requesting a consultation.

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